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Meet the New Cefaly II

The Cefaly team is proud to present to you the new Cefaly device, available exclusively in the United States! Meet the Cefaly II ! The popular and innovative FDA-approved medical treatment first gained popularity for Cefaly I, with its unique headband-like

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Migraine Medical Device, Cefaly, Shows Better Long-Term Patient Compliance than Migraine Medication

CEFALY Technology, the creators of the first FDA-approved trigeminal nerve stimulation device specifically authorized to prevent migraine attacks, releases data about the compliance of the device by patients suffering from migraine and compares it with the compliance of preventive migraine

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Happy New Year from Cefaly!

All of us at Cefaly Technology want to wish you a very happy and migraine-free 2016! We hope this New Year will bring you and your loved ones much health and happiness!

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New Article Reviews Cefaly Data from Clinical Studies

Ever wonder how Cefaly can help to prevent a migraine? A new article in the journal of Pain and Therapy reviews the available data from clinical studies carried out using the Cefaly device. Migraines can be debilitating and painful. This

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Cefaly: A Non-Invasive, FDA-Approved, Treatment for Migraines in the U.S.

If you suffer from migraines, you’ve probably tried many different treatments looking to find relief — these likely include: abortive or rescue prescription medications; preventive or prophylactic prescription medications; and over the counter (OTC) medications. Many patients tells us they’ve

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New Study Finds CEFALY Has Very High Efficacy for Migraine Prevention

Results from a new clinical trial confirm the FDA-approved device has 81% efficacy among migraine sufferers A new study finds that Cefaly, the first FDA-approved transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device specifically authorized for use prior to the onset of migraine

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AARP includes Cefaly in 7 Ways to Find Relief from Head Pain

Looking to outsmart your next migraine or headache without taking prescription medications? AARP has put together a list of seven ways to beat the pain — among them, Cefaly! Cefaly was recognized for its ability to help prevent a throbbing

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