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Name: Ilana
Age: 32 years old
Location: Washington D.C.
Years with Migraines: Approx 13 years
Occupation: Environmental conservation for the federal government

How long have you had migraines?
I believe they started when I was 20. My dad gets migraines and I’m a total physical carbon copy of my dad, minus the beard. Unfortunately, I think it was a genetic curse.

When do you usually get migraines?
I’ve been keeping an iPhone-based migraine journal for 4 years now, ever since I got a neurologist, and the frustrating thing is that like many people I have stacking triggers. It’s not that alcohol will necessarily give me a migraine, but if I haven’t gotten enough sleep or the barometric pressure is high or someone is wearing heavy perfume, and then I have just a sip of wine, then I’ll be stacking triggers and might get a migraine. I tend to develop most of my migraines in the late afternoon, though I also get them at other times.

What have you tried pre-Cefaly?
Oh my gosh, so many things! Some things I decided to try on my own and some things were recommended to me by my neurologist. I tried cutting out caffeine and alcohol. I also tried cutting out sugar for a month, which was a terrible idea. I don’t recommend that to anybody. I tried herbal supplements. I actually went to an herbalist. I tried a preventative pill called topiramate, but I was tired and cold all the time and food lost all flavor–plus I still had migraines. That was the only preventative medication I tried because the other ones were not recommended to me for various reasons. I’d just been maintaining my headache journal, limiting alcohol, trying to get enough sleep, and taking medicine when I got migraines. The migraines were too frequent, and I was getting frustrated. I wanted to try a new preventative treatment. However, my husband and I were about to start a family, and I didn’t want to try anything that would conflict with that. So my neurologist recommended Cefaly and I ordered it in late December 2017.

What does your migraine feel like?
Usually my migraines start on one side in my temple (often on the right side). They start off hurting a little and I do that thing that all migraine sufferers do–I push on my temple with my fingers–and every now and then they go away without medication. I’d often take ibuprofen early to nip it in the bud because if I wait until the pain is worse and take a triptan, it doesn’t always go away. If I don’t catch it in time, it sometimes gets worse and worse and spreads to the other temple, the middle of my head, and behind my eyes. For me it’s a constant deep ache – it’s not a throbbing sensation.

How did you hear about Cefaly?
My neurologist told me about it.

What’s your Cefaly experience like?
It’s been so great! The first couple weeks on it I was still getting migraines basically at my normal frequency, but the first change I noticed was that every singe one of those migraines would go away with a single ibuprofen or other pill (this was late December and early January). Then starting in late January I went an entire month without a headache. Unfortunately I did have two headaches in late February, but the Cefaly helped them go away both times. I have no idea what caused them, but I suspect the first one was because of a rideshare where the driver was wearing strong cologne. The Cefaly acute setting did help both of those headaches go away.  A headache going away without pills for me is unheard of, so I’m really happy. I’d say there’s been about a 90% reduction in the frequency and a 75% reduction in the severity of my migraines, which is fantastic.

What made you want to share your story?
I’m very grateful. I think it’s such a great product, and I feel so fortunate to have discovered it. I made my dad get a Cefaly too, and it’s working wonders for him as well!

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If you’re wondering if Cefaly is right for you, click here for more information and, of course, check with your doctor.

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