Cefaly helps this patient manage migraines and pregnancy

The following testimonial is translated, with permission, from Italian into English.

I am expecting a baby and have been suffering from episodic migraines for over 10 years now.

I have tried different therapies in these years both for the acute crisis and for the prevention. Cefaly has been used daily for almost two years now. I bought both models but I must say that the Cefaly 2 I consider much more practical.

Fortunately, however, since I have been waiting, my monthly crises have diminished both in terms of frequency and of strength. My attacks were very strong only in the first 3/4 months of pregnancy. I treated the attacks with paracetamol and of course with the Cefaly. I use the device when I feel the crisis coming for at least 1 hour of stimulation and every night before going to sleep as a prevention. I sincerely thank my neurologist who introduced me to Cefaly and I highly recommend to those suffering from migraine like me to try it.

Thanks Cefaly!

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