Marie: I don’t get migraines anymore

Name: Marie
Age: 62
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Years with Migraines: 42
Occupation: retired (from pharmaceutical management)

How long have you had migraines?
I started getting them when I was 19 or 20, so more than 40 years.

When do you usually get migraines?
Red wine, which I don’t drink because it was always a trigger and caffeine sometimes, some artificial sweeteners – especially if I drink a diet soda. Over the years as things progressed, especially in my 50s, all alcohol became a trigger. I could maybe one drink one glass of wine or beer and that was all. Lighting and noise can make it worse, though they are not necessarily triggers for me.

What have you tried pre-Cefaly?
For many years I took medication but only for treatment once I had a migraine. I took a medication for many years that was a combination of a pain reliever and fever reducer, a sedative, and a vasoconstrictor used to treat migraine headaches and then I took sumatriptan for many years, along with an over the counter drug, but the problem was as the years progressed the migraines became more frequent. Then about 5-years ago I had to stop taking the over the counter drug because my kidney function was down, so that wasn’t good. It was getting to the point where the doctor was talking about a preventive medication but I didn’t want to take it because of the potential side effects. As I got older and the migraine frequency and duration increased, the headaches were really affecting my quality of life more and more.

What does your migraine feel like?
I get severe pain around my eye, usually on one side of my head, often the left side. It circles my eye and then it can radiate down into my jaw. So the whole one side of my head is hurting and it’s not an ache, it’s really severe pain. My eye will tear up and then I’m very sensitive to light and noise. I really need to be in a quiet, dark, place and lie down, if I can, which of course made things very difficult when I would get headaches at work or when I was out doing something.

How did you hear about Cefaly?
My husband heard about it on the TV news when it was first approved in the US, and I went to my doctor and told him about it because he didn’t know about it. He agreed to write me the prescription so I could get it–since then he ‘s told other patients about it because it worked so well for me.

What’s your Cefaly experience like?
It’s just been miraculous. I don’t get migraines anymore, and I get very few headaches of any kind. I don’t remember when the last time was that I’ve had a true migraine like the ones I used to get. I got the device and it took me a couple of weeks to build up to where I could tolerate the full 20-minutes but after that it wasn’t a problem at all. I just stopped getting headaches. I just stopped. It was amazing. I’ve told a lot of people about the device. I’m a scientist by training and the science behind it makes sense to me. To be able to use an external device like that is such a great option. I can count on one hand the migraines I’ve had since I started using it, I just don’t get them. And that’s after almost after 40-years of getting them. I used to get up to 6 attacks a month that would last between 2-3 days sometimes, so it was almost half of the time that I was fighting that pain.

What made you want to share your story?
I feel like people need to know about this option. You can’t turn the TV on without having a medication ad and this device needs to do that too so people know about it. I just want more people to know about it so they can see if it works for them like it does for me.

Want to share your story too? We’d love to hear from you! Please send an email to m DOT coder AT cefaly DOT us. Please include your name, contact information, and let us know where you’re located so we can set up a good time to talk.

If you’re wondering if Cefaly is right for you, click here for more information and, of course, check with your doctor.


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