Cefaly helps Lauren manage her migraine pain

First Name: Lauren
Age: 55
Location: Avon, Indiana
Years with Migraines: 50+ (chronic for 11 years)
Occupation: Legal nurse consultant

How long have you had migraines?
I’ve had them off and on my whole life. They did not become severe and become a real constant chronic problem until 2008.

When do you usually get migraines?
I have many triggers: any alcohol, chocolate, cheese, artificial sweeteners, red dye, any strong fragrance, bright light, heat, stress, fatigue, eye strain (like staring at the computer), some medications that can trigger it, etc. There are so many triggers. I’m never without a headache. On a pain level from 1 to 10, I’m always at least a 4.

What have you tried pre-Cefaly?
I’ve taken so many medicines – many, many, medicines. Neurotoxin injections, a horrible dry needle therapy (it wasn’t acupuncture but it seemed exactly like acupuncture to me). I’ve tried massage too.

What does your migraine feel like?
It’s like an intense pressure in my head and it’s like my skull contains an intense pressure and if my head could just blow up my pressure would be relieved. Sometimes I feel if I could just get forks and poke my eyes out the pressure could escape through my eyes and that would be better.

How did you hear about Cefaly?
My neurologist recommended it. I had heard about it from my sister who told me, this awesome device is coming and you have to try it. I was waiting and waiting and I asked my doctor about it. A couple of visits later she wrote me a prescription.

What’s your Cefaly experience like?
I really like it. I say this to everyone who is considered trying it: My Cefaly alone does not get rid of my migraines, but I consider it to be a layer in my armor to fight my migraines. I use it every night. If I have a migraine, I put it on and I lie down, and it really helps. I’ve been using it for 5-years and if I don’t use it a few nights I see a big difference. It is definitely a step in my combination therapy. If I don’t use it, the pain I walk around with constantly is worse and I have more acute attacks.

What made you want to share your story?
I think a lot of people write it off because of the expense or, as they say in migraine groups, “I don’t want something on my head when I’m in pain.” I think they need to give it a try. I think people underestimate the effect it could have for them.

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If you’re wondering if Cefaly is right for you, click here for more information and, of course, check with your doctor.

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