Celebrating World Health Day 2020 With a Special Offer for Healthcare Workers

April 7 is World Health Day, an awareness day that has been observed annually since 1948. Each year has a theme chosen by the World Health Organization. In 2020, WHO honors nurses and midwives, as this year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. In an 1861 letter, Nightingale wrote:

I have had a larger responsibility of human lives than ever man or woman had before. And I attribute my success to this:—I never gave or took an excuse. Yes, I do see the difference now between me and other men. When a disaster happens, I act and they make excuses.

We’re seeing the truth of this now all over the world, as nurses face the COVID-19 disaster and courageously act to save lives. We thank them for their service and honor their sacrifices. 

Migraine Relief for Healthcare Professionals

Did you know that nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals may suffer from migraine more than the general population? This finding comes from a wide-ranging study in Taiwan that examined health records for more than 435,000 people. HCPs in Taiwan had a higher migraine risk than did the general population; nurses and physicians had the greatest risk. “Heavy workloads, emotional stress, and rotating night shift sleep disturbances appear to be the most important risk factors,” researchers found. 

Migraine is not just an annoyance. It’s a serious and disabling condition. In WHO’s most recent Global Burden of Disease Study, migraine was found to be the sixth highest cause worldwide of years lost due to disability. However, many people don’t seek appropriate care. In the United States, WHO says, only half of those identified with migraine had seen a doctor for headache-related reasons in the previous 12 months. Most people with migraine use only over-the-counter medications.

In honor of World Health Day, we’re offering 15% off the purchase of a CEFALY DUAL for all healthcare workers, law enforcement officers and first responders, from now through April 30 [Update: offer extended through end of May]. To receive this discount, send your NPI# or a photograph of your professional ID to customer service. We’ll send you a unique discount code to use on your purchase. (U.S. customers must provide a prescription as well.)


Whether or not you’re a healthcare professional, let this be the year you seek real relief for your migraine headaches. CEFALY is an FDA-cleared, clinically proven and drug-free treatment for migraine prevention and urgent migraine pain relief. Learn more about CEFALY.