Flashback: Cefaly-User Shares Experience a Year Later

Cefaly depleted my migraines from 3-4 a week to one every few months

Tracey has been using her Cefaly for more than a year now, so we reached out to her to see what her life has been like since we last spoke. Tracey was one of the first people to start using the Cefaly when it began shipping to the United States in April 2014 (Cefaly received FDA approval mid-March 2014). Here are a few quick basics on Tracey, in case you’re just meeting her now, or need to refresh your memory:

Name:  Tracey
Age:  45
Location:  San Diego, California
Years with Migraines: 29
Occupation:  Professional Organizer

How long have you been using Cefaly now?
At least a year, I started April of last year (2014).

How has your experienced changed over time?
I still can’t do a full session without pausing the Cefaly at a certain point of the treatment but I will use it several times in a row. It all depends on the day. My sinus issues cause severe migraines for me, so the Cefaly helps me to feel more calm. I have less intense migraines now than before and less frequently. This past year I had two major surgeries — one on my neck and one thyroid cancer. The Cefaly really helped me through them.

What can you do now that you couldn’t or wouldn’t do before Cefaly?
The migraines used to make me feel more tired, so I have a pep in my step now. Also, when I used to go to loud venues or a loud dinner, I’d start getting a migraine; now the sensitivity has gone down.

Any learnings to pass along to others?
Use it, if you get it! It’s important that you tackle your migraine at the onset.

Anything else?
I take my Cefaly everywhere. When I fly it goes in my carry on and I put it on in the airplane if I start to have an issue. I don’t want to have to take a pill I don’t want to have to take an injection. I’d rather treat my migraine some other way.

Tracey started using her Cefaly device in April 2014. Click here to read her interview from December 2014 — eight months into her treatment.

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