Trish: Cefaly has drastically changed my life!

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First Name: Trish
Age: 45
Location: Mankato, Minnesota
Years with migraine: 13
Occupation: scheduler in heart center

How long have you had migraines?
Since 2013, It was the beginning of an extremely stressful period of my life.

When do you usually get migraines?
Food allergies are by far my biggest trigger. I developed food allergies in 2009 after becoming very sick. Since 2009 my migraines became more severe. Stress, exhaustion and flashing bright lights are also triggers.

What have you tried pre-cefaly?
I tried all triptans with minor success. I tried all levels of meds from doctor but had allergic reactions to many. I had been on neurotoxin injections as well but was still having between 15-27 migraine days per month so I wouldn’t call those injections successful either.

What does your migraine feel like?
In the beginning it feels like an electrical storm charging. As it intensifies the pain feels like a jackhammer my ears ring loudly, nausea becomes overwhelming, my eyes hurt to move. At times my vision is blurred with aura.

How did you hear about cefaly?
I heard about it from a coworker who had success with it.

What’s your cefaly experience like?
Since using cefaly my migraines have decreased from 15-27 per month to under 5! When I do have a migraine I no longer have blurred vision, aura, the feeling of an electrical charge and the pain level is lower. The migraine also doesn’t last as long and I don’t need to take the higher dose of triptans to get it under control.

What made you want to share your story?
Cefaly has drastically changed my life! My family and friends had talked to me about applying for disability before Cefaly as my migraines controlled my life. I have a wonderful life now! Thank you Cefaly! Thank you!

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