Migraines and Pregnancy: Month 3

No unnecessary scrolling on the computer screen for fun, no tablet, limited cell phone use, and no television because they’ll quickly trigger a migraine – it’s been quite boring being pregnant with migraines over here.

My daily activities include work, using my Cefaly device, going on daily walks, and cooking. My husband, God bless his heart, has started a book club for just the two of us. I choose a book (a real paper book not an ebook – again, because of the screens and my light sensitivity) to read and when I finish he reads it. And because I read a lot slower than he does, I’ll start a book he chooses in the interim, then we swap again, and sandwich our discussions in between. This part’s been fun, actually. My progesterone countdown calendar is almost all crossed out. Hopefully when I’m finished with the twice daily progesterone inserts my bout with headaches will be gone and my migraines will return to their more reliable 3 to 5 a month state.

This month I was tasked by friends for making an apple pie for Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving. I love to bake! Apple pie presents a problem though because the recipe I know calls for lemon juice (or lemon), both of which are instant triggers for me… but an apple pie without lemon juice will look so bruised, I had to find a way around this. So after I chopped up the apples I had my husband add the lemon juice, stir the apples, and pour the filling into the crust, while I waited in another room.

This is a short entry because I have drastically limited my screen time. In fact, I ordered new printer toner because I’ve been printing every work-related email and every assignment and reading it on paper, then writing it by hand when possible, then at a later date I respond quickly to as much as I can in one shot. I’ve had it down to a science. I use my Cefaly and when it’s finished with its 20-minute session, I hit the keyboard. (Note: If you are pregnant or trying to conceive please check with your doctor if you can use Cefaly. Everybody is different and it’s important that you follow your doctor’s specific recommendation for you.)

Just in case this is the first blog post you’re reading in my pregnant with migraines diary, I want to once again disclose that I am the PR Manager for Cefaly in the United States. My experience is genuine and I want to make sure I comply with any blogging rules out there. You can read more about my story here. If you want to read what happened during month 1 or month 2 of my pregnancy, click each month. 

BTW, are you a migraineur who is pregnant or trying to conceive? Want to share your story? Please email Maria at m.coder [at] cefaly.us.

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