Migraines and Pregnancy Diary: Month 4

Now we’ve caught up to the actual month I’m in – I’m now in month 4. If you’ve just stumbled onto this blog post, you can catch up on month 1, month 2, and month 3 by clicking on each month.

No more progesterone inserts! I’ve been looking forward to this in hopes that my headaches would go away and my migraines would whittle down to their average 3 to 5 a month? Both have lessened — not back to my “normal” yet but I am hopeful in another few weeks I’ll get there. I don’t know if my success thus far is the result of modifying my screen time and upping my migraine prevention around the house. I continue to use my Cefaly daily. (Note: If you are pregnant or trying to conceive please check with your doctor if you can use Cefaly. Everybody is different and it’s important that you follow your doctor’s specific recommendation for you.)

I have a lot more energy now. I’ve been to a few dinners with friends. Oh, and I learned we’re having a girl! A GIRL!

Also, before the pregnancy project started, my husband and I began the process of buying an apartment. We’ve learned the apartment is ours – we just need to officially close. As such, I’ve taken migraine prevention precautions with this as well: we’re having the painter come in to paint a week before we move in and we are paying more per gallon for an ‘odorless’ paint.

Our current apartment is rather dark. The new apartment gets a lot of light, which is a blessing and a curse (because light is a migraine trigger for me). Since I am pregnant and unable to help my husband shuffle the furniture around once the movers deliver it, we printed out the floor plan and drew in where we want the furniture to go so that the movers can put it where we’ve envisioned. We’ve positioned my desk, my seat at the dining room table, and the bed so they’re facing away from the window. We’ve also selected premium blinds that allow light to pass through but should do a great job filtering the direct sun rays. We’re also packing clean bed sheets in a suitcase the night before we move so that they won’t have a box-like smell, since strong scents can also trigger my head.

Just in case this is the first blog post you’re reading in my pregnant with migraines diary, I want to once again disclose that I am the PR Manager for Cefaly in the United States. My experience is genuine and I want to make sure I comply with any blogging rules out there. You can read more about my story here.  

Also, are you a migraineur who is pregnant or trying to conceive? Want to share your story? Please email Maria at m.coder [at] cefaly.us.

Make sure to check back next month!

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