Traci: Cefaly very much relieves the migraine pain

Cefaly device

Name: Traci
Age: 44
Location: Medina, Tennessee
Years with Migraines: 30+
Occupation: owns vending business

How long have you had migraines?
I’ve had migraines since puberty, my early teens; maybe even a few years before that.

When do you usually get migraines?
In the beginning I thought it was hormonal. As I got older it became clear it’s not necessarily that. Stress is a big trigger. If I go too long without eating during the day, that’s a trigger. Our work is very physical and anything that strains my neck or my back during the day will trigger a migraine as well.

What have you tried pre-Cefaly?
I took beta blockers for a year and also pain killers. For the past 15 years I took a tricyclic antidepressant as a preventive and it helped pretty well but not completely. When I have a migraine now — only if absolutely can’t take it anymore – I’ll take a sumatriptan succinate injection. I also use ketorolac, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug sometimes and that does help. When I feel like I might get a migraine, I take Ibuprofen and it will help a lot.

What does your migraine feel like?
My eyes just hurt and it’s a pain in my head that I can’t get rid of. Sometimes if I put pressure on the back of my neck and rub around that helps. It just feels like my head is going to explode.

How did you hear about Cefaly?
My dad is physician and he told me about it and we bought the first one immediately.

What’s your Cefaly experience like?
I use it exactly as was prescribed with the very first model, so every day as a preventive and it helped quite a bit. I find when it helps the most is when I’m getting a migraine or even I already have a bad one. I use Cefaly several times a day sometimes and it’s the only thing that gives me some relief. It’s able to take the pain away, I’m not sure how it does that but I’m happy about it. The newest Cefaly device, I love it! I don’t have any problems with it shutting off and I like that I can make it stay on the highest setting if I need to. Before I had the Cefaly I had migraines four times a month. Now I have migraines once a month or maybe once every 6 weeks.

What made you want to share your story?
I just think it’s a great alternative to pain medication and I’ve definitely had bad experiences with pain mediation. I just believe the product works. It very much relieves the pain for me for me when I’m in the middle of a migraine. It can only help. I don’t see this not being a benefit to anybody. I think this can really work if you use it like you’re supposed to.

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If you’re wondering if Cefaly is right for you, click here for more information and, of course, check with your doctor.

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