Pregnant with Migraines: Month 5

Cefaly device

I’ve just completed my fifth month of pregnancy and I’m happy to say my migraines are improving. In fact, I’m quite close to my usual 3-to-5 migraines per month. If you’ve just stumbled onto this blog post, you can catch up on month 1month 2, month 3, and month 4by clicking on each month.

I still use my Cefaly every day. (Note: If you are pregnant or trying to conceive please check with your doctor if you can use Cefaly. Everybody is different and it’s important that you follow your doctor’s specific recommendation for you.) I’ve been approved by my own doctor to drink one can of caffeinated soda along with acetaminophen on occasion as a makeshift rescue medication. All in all, this second trimester has brought relief from my aching head, particularly as it nears the end.

We’ve learned in less than two weeks we will be moving into our new apartment. So, I’ve already set up an appointment to have a specialist come and measure the windows as we are purchasing some pricy dual blinds that allow us to better control the light in the apartment — since light is a huge trigger for me. I’ve also pinpointed some new floor lamps, torchiere-style, that allow me to dim the light to suit my daily needs and point up, not down. We’ve also invested in pricier paint that is more earth-friendly and also quickly airs out, so that the scent won’t trigger a migraine. I guess before I baby proof, I have to migraine proof!

Just in case this is the first blog post you’re reading in my pregnant with migraines diary, I want to once again disclose that I am the PR Manager for Cefaly in the United States. My experience is genuine and I want to make sure I comply with any blogging rules out there. You can read more about my story here.  

Also, are you a migraineur who is pregnant or trying to conceive? Want to share your story? Please email Maria at m.coder [at]

Make sure to check back next month!

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