Aliza: I love my Cefaly

First Name: Aliza
Age: 29
Location: Wichita Falls, Texas
Years with Migraines: 7
Occupation: Audiovisual Production Specialist (videographer)

How long have you had migraines?
I’ve had migraines since my early 20s, and headaches since my teens… my mom gets them, and so did her mother, so it’s genetic.

When do you usually get migraines?
What’s difficult about my migraines is I don’t have one specific trigger. Now that I live in Texas (I’m from the Chicago area), the extreme heat can give me migraines. Occasionally I wake up with migraines in the morning, causing me to be late for work. I’m lucky that I have an understanding boss. I also tend to get them in the late afternoon hours sometimes

What have you tried pre-Cefaly?
Before Cefaly, I tried beta blockers and a tricyclic antidepressant (increasing doses), and natural remedies as prophylactics. I also tried over the counter medications and triptans to get rid of migraines. Now I’m taking a higher dose of a beta blocker plus magnesium and B-Complex. When I get a migraine, I take a triptan plus a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

What does your migraine feel like?
Usually my migraines feel like my head is being compressed between my eyes or behind one eye. Sometimes they feel like a clamp being tightened on my head. I’ve also had migraines that feel like my head has been hit by a truck, and those take me out of commission for at least an entire day, sometimes causing me to overdose on a triptan.

How did you hear about Cefaly?
My mom, a nurse practitioner and fellow migraine sufferer, keeps up on developments in the medical industry for migraines and sent me an article about it once it was approved by the FDA. My neurologist at the time hadn’t even heard of it yet.

What’s your Cefaly experience like?
I love my Cefaly. Before I started using Cefaly, I averaged about 5 migraines per week. Now, it’s reduced to about 2-3 per week. I know that still sounds like a lot, but it is a significant reduction for me, and the migraines are not usually as intense as they were before using Cefaly. Sometimes when I get a migraine and I haven’t used my Cefaly yet that day, I’ll take a triptan and then wear my Cefaly for some relief while the meds kick in.

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