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CEFALY has helped Samantha decrease her number of medications, and empowered her to address her a migraines quicker. Check out her migraine story.

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Katie was a guest on Good Morning America, where she discussed how CEFALY helps her migraines. Click here to learn more about her news segment! First Name: KatieLocation: New York, NYYears with Migraines: 20+Occupation:  Real Estate Agent   How long have you had migraines?I’ve had …

Katie: CEFALY is Life Changing Read More »

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Read Tom’s migraine treatment journey. Now 73, he’s had migraines since the age of 13 and tried every migraine medicine he could find. Nothing reduced his number of migraines until trying the CEFALY treatment.

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First Name: KellyAge: 31Location: Farmingdale, NYYears with Migraines: 23Occupation: Epic application specialist  How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines since I was 8 years ago; they’re hereditary. My father had them, my grandmother, and my great grandmother had them too.  When …

Kelly: Cefaly is “Life-Changing” Read More »

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Name:  CarolynAge:  56Location:  Midland, MichiganYears with Migraines: 16Occupation: retired, finance director How long have you had migraines?I’ve had migraines since 1999. I don’t know what brought them on…  that’s a million dollar question. Every few months I develop a different …

Carolyn turns to Cefaly as soon as she senses a migraine Read More »

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