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Mary: Cefaly is ‘extremely effective’

First Name: MaryAge: 59Location: Wheaton, MarylandYears with Migraines: 25+Occupation: Nurse How long have you had migraines? More than 25-years. When do you usually get migraines?Previously I would have a headache every day, all day. The pain level ranged between a

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Joani: I definitely recommend Cefaly

First Name: JoaniAge: 61Location: Port Orchard, WashingtonYears with Migraines: 30Occupation: School volunteer (retired nurse) How long have you had migraines? I have had migraines for about 30 years…they are much better than they were before menopause but I do still

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Cefaly helps Lauren manage her migraine pain

First Name: LaurenAge: 55Location: Avon, IndianaYears with Migraines: 50+ (chronic for 11 years)Occupation: Legal nurse consultant How long have you had migraines?I’ve had them off and on my whole life. They did not become severe and become a real constant

Debbie: I feel improved with Cefaly

First Name: DebbieAge: 58Location: New York CityYears with Migraines: 50+Occupation: Administrative assistant How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines since I was a child. When do you usually get migraines?I don’t eat foods with MSG because I know

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Goodbye migraines!

First Name: JudyAge: 80Location: Scotts Point, NJYears with Migraines: 68Occupation: Retired high school Spanish teacher How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines ever since I started to menstruate, so around the beginning of 6th grade. When do you

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