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Nine months came and went… and month 10 brought a little baby girl! I’m happy to report my migraines held steady though the headaches did increase a bit more. Looking back at the entire pregnancy I feel I would have

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Cefaly was a big help to Adrienne’s migraines during pregnancy

Name:  Adrienne Age:  34 Location: Brookfield, Wisconsin Years with Migraines: 10-15 years Occupation: Stay-at-home/getting Masters in accounting How long have you had migraines? I realized I had migraines about 6-7 years ago. I thought I just had a lot of

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Pregnant with migraines: Recap of Month 8

Eight down, one to go! I. am. so. uncomfortable. And yet, grateful to be pregnant and to have had a relatively easy pregnancy. My migraines are holding steady at 3-5 a month but this month I feel an increase in mild headaches;

Migraines and Pregnancy — Month 7 Recap

I’m almost done with month seven of pregnancy! Seven! It seems like it’s simultaneously flown by and lasted forever. On Saturday I’ll be 32 weeks in, which puts me right at month number 8. My migraines are slightly reduced from last

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My sixth month of pregnancy came and went and I still can’t believe it! Someone once told me in parenting the days are long but the months zip by. I feel this way about pregnancy. I’m now entering my last trimester.

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