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What is migraine with aura? How do you define chronic migraine? And what are the different migraine treatments available? Here’s a closer look at common terms.

April showers bring May flowers… but for many people, the shift in weather also brings headaches, allergies, and much confusion. If you suffer from allergies, how do you know if your headache is a migraine headache or a sinus headache? …

Allergy Sufferers: Do You Have Migraine Headaches or Sinus Headaches? Read More »

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Did you know women are three times more likely to experience migraine than men? Or that women also may experience migraine symptoms more intensely than men?

It can take time to get used to the sensation CEFALY produces. Here are a few tips for getting maximum migraine relief — and avoiding common problems — when using your CEFALY device.

Serenity may feel far away at the moment, but you can take a few small steps toward identifying and successfully managing your stress and stress-induced migraines.