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Cefaly on the TODAY Show!

Super exciting! Dr. Roshini Raj demonstrated how to use Cefaly on The TODAY Show while discussing alternative therapies to treat migraines. If you missed the segment, which aired on September 4th 2014, check out this clip below on the breakthrough, drug-free,

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Cefaly on PIX-11 News in NYC!

Oprah Magazine’s health editor was on PIX-11 TV news in New York City to talk about innovative health breakthroughs that could change your life. Not to brag… but you’ll find Cefaly proudly at 1:39 into the video! If you’re wondering if

Cefaly on NBC-4 in Columbus!

Cefaly was featured on NBC in Columbus late July 2014. Listen in as an Ohio teen talks with her doctor and a camera crew about her experience with the Cefaly headband. If you’re wondering if Cefaly is right for you, click here for

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Cefaly on FOX News!

The Cefaly headband has been helping many migraineurs with their aching heads. In June 2014 FOX News featured Cefaly in a story about five weird migraine treatments that could give your relief. You’ll find that story here. FOX News also

Cefaly on CBS in San Diego!

Cefaly-user Tracey has seen such great results from her device, she got in touch to let us know. Next, she’s on CBS-TV in San Diego sharing her story. Tracey is a migraineur who’d been struggling for many, many, years. You

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