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Emily: 90-Percent Less Migraines with Cefaly

First Name: EmilyAge: 19Location: Hammondsport, NYYears with Migraines: 15Occupation: College student How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines about 15 years. When do you usually get migraines?Certain foods can bring on a migraine (msg is huge, gluten, etc.),

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Lisa: Cefaly gives me a (migraine) break!

Name: LisaAge: 48Location: St Louis, Missouri Years with migraines: 40+Occupation: Communications How long have you had migraines?I’ve had migraines my whole life. My mother had them, my grandmother had them, and now my daughter has started to get them too.

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Cefaly brings fast migraine relief to Carolyn

First Name: CarolynAge: 47Location: VirginiaYears with Migraines: 35+Occupation: currently unemployed How long have you had migraines? 35+ years When do you usually get migraines? I have daily-chronic migraine. What have you tried pre-Cefaly? Most of the oral preventatives with no

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