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Name: Laurie Age: 59 Location: Lynbrook, NY Years with Migraines: 10 Occupation: accounting How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines again for about 10 years. I had them when I was younger and then they went away for …

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Name: Courtney Age: late 30s Location: North Carolina Years with Migraines: 17 Occupation: Attorney How long have you had migraines? Since my early 20s. When do you usually get migraines? They’re mostly associated with upper back, shoulder and neck tension …

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Did you know that 71% of all patients who use Cefaly are satisfied with it. And it’s even higher (81%) for patients who are ‘regular users’ and follow the recommended guidelines of use and frequency! Guess what else? Regular users rely less …

INFOGRAPHIC: CEFALY Efficacy Read More »

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