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Cefaly offers distraction from migraine pain

First Name: Rhonda Age: 56 Location: CA Years with Migraines: since 8/2010 Occupation: retired homemaker, RN, BSN, JD How long have you had migraines?  Migraines started the day after a fall from a segway in August 2010. The first year or two the migraines were

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Sofiya: Cefaly is the best solution for my migraines

Name: Sofiya Age: 70 Location: Saddle Brook, NJ Years with Migraines: 13 Occupation: programmer  How long have you had migraines? It’s going to be 13 years this year. I had a lot of stress at my work and I started

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My husband told me about Cefaly device

Name: Wendy Age: 60 Location: Phoenix, AZ Years with Migraines: 30 Occupation: Retired (IT manager) How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines for about 30 years. I thought they were sinus headaches at first. In the old days

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Lane: Cefaly has made a difference for me!

First Name: Lane Age: 43 Location: Columbia, South Carolina Years with Migraines: 32 Occupation: Stay at home mother/former makeup artist/retail manager How long have you had migraines? Since I was 11. When do you usually get migraines? Currently when I have my

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Sara: That (Cefaly) machine changed my life!

Name: Sara Age: 65 Location: Longmont, Colorado Years with Migraines: 45 Occupation: Retired (customer service for wheelchair manufacturer)  How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines since my early 20s. My mother had them, worse than I did. My

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