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Cefaly helps this patient manage migraines and pregnancy

The following testimonial is translated, with permission, from Italian into English. I am expecting a baby and have been suffering from episodic migraines for over 10 years now. I have tried different therapies in these years both for the acute

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Migraines and Pregnancy — Month 7 Recap

I’m almost done with month seven of pregnancy! Seven! It seems like it’s simultaneously flown by and lasted forever. On Saturday I’ll be 32 weeks in, which puts me right at month number 8. My migraines are slightly reduced from last

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My sixth month of pregnancy came and went and I still can’t believe it! Someone once told me in parenting the days are long but the months zip by. I feel this way about pregnancy. I’m now entering my last trimester.

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Migraines and Pregnancy Diary: Month 4

Now we’ve caught up to the actual month I’m in – I’m now in month 4. If you’ve just stumbled onto this blog post, you can catch up on month 1, month 2, and month 3 by clicking on each month. No

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Pregnancy and Migraines: Month 2

One of the many pregnancy tests at the fertility doctor showed that my progesterone was low. So, I was asked to come in the next day to re-test. I did and my result was slightly lower and I was prescribed

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