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Side effects CEFALY Medications
Occurence 4.3 % 50 %
Intensity Mild Severe

More than 350,000 CEFALY devices sold.Over 2 Billion Migraines Treated.Date since 2008.

Side effects

CEFALY DUAL has few side effects, which have been demonstrated to be minor and fully reversible through clinical trials. If you experience any serious side effects, or if any side effects persist for more than a few weeks, stop use of CEFALY DUAL and consult your healthcare provider or seek immediate medical attention.


  • Mild Sedative Effect: During use of CEFALY DUAL some users report feeling relaxed and experience a light sedative effect. This might result in ‘falling asleep’ or ‘feeling very relaxed.’
  • Allergic Contact Dermatitis: In certain cases the skin on the forehead may appear reddened where the electrode is placed. This phenomenon is safe, normal and temporary. Most users report the redness resolving within a few minutes. In rare cases (estimated 1-3%), an allergy to acrylate (a chemical in the electrode adhesive) resulted in a temporary allergic rash. If this should happen, stop use of CEFALY DUAL and contact CEFALY Technology to ask about alternative hypoallergenic electrodes.
  • Intolerance: Instances of intolerance to the sensations experienced with the CEFALY DUAL have been reported. To overcome sensitivity, gradually increase the intensity of CEFALY DUAL Safety Information over the course of several days.

Uncommon (<5%)

  • Headache: In some cases, a low-grade and fleeting headache can occur at the end of a PREVENT session. If the headache produces a high pain level and/or persists with use for more than a few weeks, stop use of CEFALY DUAL, and see your healthcare provider to discuss treatment options.
  • Persistent Sensation: The sensations experienced during use of CEFALY DUAL occasionally continue after the session has ended. In rare cases, the sensation persists for up to several hours. This continued sensation is harmless and indicates CEFALY DUAL is influencing the nerves, as intended.
  • Neck Muscle Tightness: Users new to CEFALY DUAL may involuntarily contract neck muscles during a session.This unconscious contraction may lead to neck pain. Should this occur, consider lying down or reclining for your next several sessions. Resting your head on a pillow for support will allow your neck muscles to relax.

Rare (<2%)

  • Nausea, tooth pain, tinnitus (perception of noise or ringing in the ears), and hyperlacrimation (overproduction of tears).

Electromagnetic features

The magnetic field right next to the CEFALY is below 0,2µT (i.e. 2mG). This value is negligible compared to the field generated by an electric shaver (typically between 15 and 1500µT when measured at 3cm) or by an hair dryer (typically between 6 and 2000µT).

Long-term data

Neurostimulation has been used for more than 20 years with devices that are implanted in the head and which work constantly for several years. The only problems encountered with implantable neurostimulators relate to the surgical procedure involved to implant them, and never to the neurostimulation technique itself. This is why this technique is regarded as exceptionally safe. CEFALY's great breakthrough is to allow this technique of neurostimulation to be used in an external and gentle manner.

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