Mary (O’Fallon, MO)


I felt compelled to write as I have been using the Cefaly device since April 10, 2014. I have suffered from migraines most of my life with the past 10 years especially difficult (3-5 migraines a week). My neurologist has tried every medication and either they were ineffective or the side effects were too much to function. I have had injections into my skull and neck which were ineffectual as well as two rounds of Botox. I even tried getting into one of the largest health systems in the area and they reviewed my records and said they could not do anything for me (this was just before your device came on the market)...someone needs to contact the neurology department at Washington University in St. Louis)

In March, my neurologist admitted me to the hospital for 3-4 days of high dose IV steroids to get me off the medication I was taking for the migraines as she thought I was now in a rebound situation. In the meantime, she wrote a prescription for the Cefaly device as we were willing to give it a try (although I have to admit I did not think it would work).

It is now June 4 and I have not had a migraine since then - it’s been AMAZING! I have never gone this long without a migraine. It took about two weeks to build up to being able to use it without having to press the button to maintain. There are occasions where I feel the need to use it twice a day for the 20 minute sessions as I felt a headache coming on and it has worked!

I look forward to your next "generations" as one of the functions I hope you are working on would be the ability not to have to start all over when you accidentally bump the device. Other than that THANK YOU for this fantastic device as it truly is remarkable.

Warm Regards,

Arden: I’ve gained a day back!

First Name: Arden Age: 74 Location: Saugerties, New York Years with Migraines: 60 (but migraine free during four pregnancies) Occupation: church and family work  How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines since I was about 11 or 12  

Posted on Sunday October 07, 2018

Frank M. (Louisville, KY)


I have suffered with migraines for over forty [40] years. I have used virtually every medicine available, with limited degrees of success. The only medicine that eliminated the pain of my migraines was Imitrex. However, as I developed Coronary Heart Disease, it was no longer prudent to use Imitrex.

I was able to use narcotic pain relievers, but they left me drowsy and made it difficult to effectively function at my career. The suffering and frustration of migraines left me with less than an enjoyable life for decades.

About a month ago, I read about Cefaly and discussed it with my pain management specialist. He felt that Cefaly sounded worthwhile and wrote me a prescription for it. I ordered a Cefaly and received it about seventeen days ago. I began using it immediately as recommended and I have not experienced a single migraine since then. What a blessing! I’ve never been headache-free this long in over forty years. I no longer get up each morning wondering what time the pain will begin. I’m 75 years old and feel as if I’ve received a "new lease on life".

Thank you so much for developing this wonderful medical machine. It has greatly increased my quality of life.

Drug-free migraine relief with Cefaly

Name: Mary Age: 55 Location: Grand Forks, North Dakota Years with Migraines: 42 Occupation: teacher How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines since I was 13. When do you usually get migraines? The sun is a trigger. Overexertion  

Posted on Sunday August 19, 2018

Melina (Union City, CA)

Just wanted to say to the manufacturer that I am very pleased with the product.

At first the pain in the beginning was discouraging, but I read on some blogs that you will get used to it after a month. Now I look forward to the treatments everynight. I get great rest/sleep at night and my migraines from more than 15 a month is now down to 2 a month! I feel myself again, pain free! I may stop my botox treatments to see if I can do Cefaly on its own.

Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Debbie (CA)


I’m writing to you to share a Cefaly device success story along with a market idea for your product.

Kevin, a close friend, male age 31, has been suffering for quite some time with Chrons and Pancreatitis. He has been on a variety of medications including Remicaid and Valtrex which have brought on intense migraine headaches. Due to his delicate health condition introducing more medications to offset the headaches just brought on more side effects.

About six months ago I read an article about the Cefaly Device and shared it with him. His local, general Doctor had also heard about it and wrote a prescription for him. Unfortunately, it was at the time that the product was only available in Canada. The device was hung up in Customs and he never received it. Then, it became available in the US and he finally got it. It took the expected 30 days for him to see results and now it is making a huge difference in keeping the pain and associated effects of migraines in control.

Thank you for bringing the Cefaly device to the United States. I wish you great success!

Danielle: I like that Cefaly is not a medication

First Name: Danielle Age: 40 Location: Palm Harbor, Florida Years with Migraines: 11 Occupation: Pharmacy supervisor for insurance company How long have you had migraines? I’ve probably had migraines for 11 years. I didn’t know what it actually was until  

Posted on Sunday September 30, 2018

Cefaly device helps Stephanie contribute more at work

Name: Stephanie  Age: 30 Location: Searcy, Arkansas Years with Migraines: 19 years  Occupation: Administrative Assistant for a local university How long have you had migraines? Since I was 11 years old. When do you usually get migraines?  The weather is  

Posted on Sunday September 02, 2018

Katie (Waukesha, WI)

BIG thank you to cefaly!!!
I’ve had an ongoing migraine for years. Never goes away.
My husband ordered me one in 2014. Started using it almost daily early last year. I find it is most helpful the worse my head gets.
Highly recommended to anyone with painful, recurring headaches. I would not want to be without this valuable, drug-free, tool!

Joe (Pulaski, TN)

I have been using the Cefaly device for 57 days and am happy to report that it has completely eliminated my migraine headaches.
Before Cefaly, I was having almost daily headaches.


Jessica B. (Worbun, MA)


I received my Cefaly in the beginning of May and have been using it ever since.
I have had worsening severe chronic migraines now for about 9 years. They make me very sick and last several days. It got to the point off me living in fear of my next migraine.

Medications were not working for me. My migraines took over my life and affected my ability to care for my three young children.
The Cefaly has improved the quality of life immensely. My migranes are gone!

If I do get a headache it is very mild, lasts only hours not days, and is easily treated with plain over the counter tylenol. The Cefaly has truly been a blessing for me. Thank you.

No more 3-day migraines for Claire

Name: Claire Age: 61 Location: Vancouver, WA Years with Migraines: 48 years Occupation: office manager How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines since I was about 13; when I started my period. When do you usually get migraines? I’ll get a migraine when  

Posted on Sunday August 12, 2018

Emy (Northridge, CA)

I received the Cefaly headband on April 30, 2014. I had suffered from severe migraines for over 30 years, averaging about 2 weekly. Since I started using the device I have had one migraine about 10 days after I started. Since then I have had none. I use it nightly. My life has changed. Thank you so much.

Barbara (San Diego, CA)

The Cefaly device has changed my life. I suffered from migraine for over 40 years, with some periods of nearly daily attacks. After using the Cefaly for about 3 months I am nearly migraine-free. Just occasional hints. Had the Cefaly been available years ago, my life would have been entirely different. So of course I highly recommend the Cefaly and am amazed how few people know about it, especially doctors. I had to tell my doctor about it after seeing a tiny newspaper story when the device was approved by the FDA.

Cefaly cuts Karla’s migraine days in half

Name: Karla Age: 55 Location: Fort Worth, TX Years with Migraines: 35+ Occupation: Analyst How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines for 35+ years. When do you usually get migraines? Triggers can be certain foods that I eat,  

Posted on Sunday September 16, 2018

Michelle: Cefaly has ‘made such a difference’

Name: Michelle Age: 47 Location: North Little Rock, Arkansas Years with Migraines: 34 Occupation: stay at home mom How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines for 34 years. I don’t remember what started them and I don’t remember my very first one. We  

Posted on Sunday September 09, 2018

Less frequent and less painful migraines

Name: Veleta Age: 65 Location: Fairbanks, AK Years with Migraines: 43 Occupation: former high school teacher, former infant learning specialist and former children’s libraria How long have you had migraines? I’ve had migraines since my early 20s. When do you usually get migraines? Chocolate will  

Posted on Sunday August 26, 2018

Cefaly helps Jessica manage migraines and motherhood

First Name:  Jessica Age: 39 Location: Connecticut Years with Migraines: 8 Occupation: ministry How long have you had migraines? 8 years with chronic migraine. When do you usually get migraines? My condition is ongoing, though it worsens with stress, lack  

Posted on Monday September 24, 2018

Sandrine D. (New York, NY)

Just thought it was time for an update. I’ve been using the Cefaly since it arrived. The difference is dramatic, and I’ve been doing up to six or seven treatments a day, and a minimum of two with full power on the first setting.

Let me just say that my migraines are indeed not only less frequent, but less intense as well. On average the migraine frequency has dropped from daily to closer to three or four a week at most and sometimes less. The pain is much more manageable with less medication, and they also last nowhere near as long. Often if I wake up with one, it will disappear in the early afternoon, or if I get one at night, it’s often gone by morning! That NEVER happened before. My migraines were usually three day affairs, until it settled back down to my permanent low-grade migraine.

Karen (WA)

The Cefaly device really helps! Yesterday morning I started having the migraine aura; whenever I’ve had that in the past, a serious migraine has followed, and I’ve had to take the migraine medication. This time, instead of taking the medication, I used the Cefaly device. The aura gradually faded, and the migraine was much less severe than it usually is; I never did have to take the medication, and today I am feeling fine. I can’t thank you enough for the Cefaly device; I really feel encouraged!

I have the utmost respect for Cefaly Technology; it is wonderful to deal with a company that has such integrity and consideration for its customers.

Judy: Cefaly gives you very quick relief

First Name: Judy Age: 76 Location: Garnerville, NY and Longboat Key, FL Years with Migraines: 46 Occupation: 5th grade teacher (retired) How long have you had migraines? They started 6-weeks after my second child was born I was 30 years  

Posted on Sunday October 14, 2018